Let Her Breathe!


It is NO COINCIDENCE that COVID-19 impacts the lungs. 

A dear friend sparked my mind when she stated that the coronavirus could be a message that the lungs of the earth need space to breathe. Since the virus has slowed down transportation of our bodies through air travel and driving our cars, the atmosphere is cleaner than it’s been in 50 years. Places in China, India, and Mexico City are actually seeing significant changes to air quality. 

Could it be this is a blessing for all of our Lungs?

I remember when I went to New Delhi, I was shocked. I could not breathe, my lungs ached and I got a dry cough within a day of landing. I was miserable. A mask did not help. I felt like I was slowly suffocating within hours of arriving. Can you imagine what it’s like to live in a place that has such poor air quality you will inevitably have a lung condition?

Clean air is a human right for all. Just like clean water, shelter, food. 

I have taken for granted the air where I am from in Massachusetts. Forests thrive and keep our air pure. Each time I step outside, I inhale deeply, so grateful for the clean air! 

Let us see COVID-19 as an opportunity to reevaluate our lifestyles and how they impact the air. 

Let the Lungs of the Earth breathe as Great Spirit has intended. 

Let us drive less, work from home if possible, buy groceries for friends and family, stop flying in these metal tubes that emit more carbon in one trip than your car in 10 years.

Food delivery / security services, may they grow, restructure, strengthen. Get creative.

US Postal Service, what an amazing service. 

Technology, oh yes! What a blessing it can be when used properly.

If we can zoom, talk on the phone, and send emails instantly, why are we destroying the Earth’s lungs by transporting our bodies all over the map? 

Connection is crucial, obviously. We are ALWAYS connected whether or not in physical body. Get closer to the ones you live with, see every day, and cherish them. They are right there in front of you. Call your beloveds. Connect to your higher powers and thank them for your life. 

Root into the Earth where you are and recognize you are alive and supported by the Great Mother beneath your feet, ALWAYS. 


Let her Breathe

Plant more Trees

Grow deep roots

Know you’re connected to all

Cleanse the System of all that no longer serves the higher good for everyone regardless of race, class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political views. 

Let things fall apart

Hold onto what really matters


Love deeply

Love the Earth’s gifts

Honor your birth, what a blessing to be alive at this time



Are you ready for change?



Inhale. Gratitude.

Exhale. What are you ready to let go of?

Pause at the bottom of the exhale. 

Inhale. What are you ready to create?

Pause. Gratitude.

Exhale. Release what no longer serves you.

Pause at the bottom of the exhale. 

Repeat 7 times.


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