Hannah Jacobson-Hardy

Sweet Birch Herbals
Community Herbalist & Certified Life Coach
ph: 413-695-5968

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  1. Diane

    Hi Hannah. I just wanted to share with you that I did go out to Sedona and the Grand Canyon in May. I do not have the words or the adjectives to describe how beautiful it is. I am grateful there is so much preservation in that area and there are miles and miles of untouched country. If it wasn’t for your blog and how it touched me , I might not have gone. Thank you. I regret that I didn’t get to attend your graduation party. I sent you a card. Did you receive it? I sent it to your mom’s. All the best. Diane. (Your mom’s friend.)

    • farmingforjustice

      I agree it is incredibly beautiful out there and I hope to return soon. I’m glad you went and thanks for reading my blog and letting it inspire your trip! I will look for the card when I go back to Florence.
      Be well, Diane.

  2. Priscilla Hardy

    Hi Hannah,

    Have a Happy Birthday in Argentina! Ruth says you have had a great time so far. I wish I was there also. Happy farming, hiking, exploring, sharing with others. But, don’t forget to come back. Have a great year.


  3. Amy Zeldes

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Hannah!!! I will be thinking of you on your birthday! I LOVE reading your blog–your trip sounds really amazing!
    Write back when you get a chance. And Happy happy Happy happy birthday! I love you, Amy

    • farmingforjustice

      thanks amy! yes, i cant wait to tell you some stories when i return. i will be home next week. love you too!

  4. Eddie

    I bought a bottle of SWEET BIRCH ALLERGY RELIEF that has no instruction to use it. The bottle label states to take1-2 droppers up to 3x daily. I am not sure to take by mouth or drop into eye.

    please advice.

    Thank you!


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