This page presents websites and blogs that I think are worth checking out relating to food, farming, human liberation, sustainability, and other neat people doing meaningful things.*


CISA- Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

CRAFT: Farmer Training

Fields and Fire: Local Grain

Just Food- NYC

Northeast Organic Farming Assoc.

Northeast Small Farm Institute

Serve your Country Food

Slow Food

Warm Colors Apiary- Learn to Raise Bees


Greenhorns- Young Farmers Blog

Farm Food- Laura Dinwiddie’s Blog

Nuestras Raices Farm- Amy Calendrella’s Blog

Sustainable Farming Fulbright in Nicaragua- Rachel Lindsay’s Blog


Food First

Northeast Permaculture Listserve

Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

Food Not Lawns


ATTRA- National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Sustainability Internships & Employment


Pedal People


Springfield MRF

Every Day Trash Blog

Recycle 911


Food Bank of W. Mass

Indigenous Environmental Network

‘Poem About my Rights’- June Jordan

Real Food Challenge

Transition Culture

Youth Helping to End Racism

*Note: It’s difficult to categorize these topics because they are all deeply interconnected, but I tried my best.

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