Elk (Wapiti) Medicine Dreams

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 11.15.02 AMOn the eve of my birth, I dreamt of an Elk running down the hill to the North of my home. I leapt out of bed to catch sight of this massive creature. It ran to the East around my yard, down to the South.

Snow had fallen overnight, creeping all the way up to the doors. I beckoned my partner to follow me outside where the Elk awaited. We slipped on our boots, pajamas in style, and found that the Elk was a female. No antlers. She ran to the North, but behind her was the male, towering above us with antlers that held so many stories deep inside its bones. 

Fearless, I crept below it’s fur covered hooves like a child crawling toward it’s Grandfather’s lap. The power of the Elk was palpable, emanating deep wisdom standing in stillness. It ran away as quickly as it arrived through the West, then back up to the hill in the North, leaving only soft snow crystals in its place. 

When I woke up I felt graced by a spirit that I had never met, but I knew had been watching over me for a long time. I read about the Elk or as the Shawnee Indians call them, Wapiti. 

The Wapiti medicine represents gentle strength and the courage to rise to the occasion as you begin new projects. Given it was my birthday, I felt this dream was a beautiful blessing from the Animal Kingdom. 

Later that day, in wake time, I hiked up the hill to the North with my two goats, and was greeted by an owl. We followed our ancestor for a while until it sat on a branch nearby. We stared into each others eyes for what felt like hours feeling the permeability of dream time and wake time. Thank you, Animal Guides, for watching over me, always. Thank you, Mama, for my birth. Aho Miigwech.


To learn more about Animal Spirit Guides,  Animal Speak by Ted Andrews is fabulous.

Elk Medicine

Elk medicine teaches us that by pacing ourselves we increase our stamina. Elk people may not complete a project first, but when it is done they have not burned themselves out. Elk are able to look at the long journey and to “hit their stride” to maintain energy and perseverance.

Animal spirit Elk reminds us of the importance of community, most especially fellowship with our same gender. Herds of elk are normally female or male and only unite during mating season. We are reminded by Elk that there is always support if we need it.

Elk also tells us to be aware of subtle changes around us and to be ready for a quick response.

Elk medicine stands for stamina, strength, nobility, pride, and survival.”





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