Message from the Birds at Dawn


It’s actually quite simple.

To serve. To heal. To serve. To heal. To serve. To heal. 


The human is complex,

yet the reason we’ve taken form in these bodies wed to the earth by gravity 

is less complicated than it appears. 




Love is the common thread that binds each of us to the other. 

The heart, so tender, vulnerable, yet strong and full of courage, is a gift from Spirit. 


Stop looking outside yourself


Everything you need is inside that beautiful body of yours, 

the place you call home

for as long as Spirit allows


So, what will you do? 

Who will you be?


Set your mind free of worries and doubt

Trust that you are here for a specific reason, 

even if only to meet compassion in times of fear.


Offer the fear a bowl of sweet nectar 

made of the pure essence inside each of your bones.

Let the fear feast

until it is satiated and there is no more to distract you.


Truth comes from that quiet, humble place within

No force can interrupt that flow from your jewel of a heart

Love deeply inside and out

It’s actually quite simple.


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2 responses to “Message from the Birds at Dawn

  1. Sarah Shields

    Hannah I love this almost more than anything I’ve ever read. It is quite simple. Thank you for simplifying ❤️ I’m passing it along with credit to you. Thank you.

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