Always Doing your Best


The Day Sky


Let us be like

Two falling stars in the day sky.


Let no one know of our sublime beauty 

As we hold hands with God

And burn


Into a sacred existence that defies-

That surpasses


Every description of ecstasy 

And love.



The first light of the morning is deep purply blue. Snow and trees contrast one another. Darkness and light, one could not be without the other. I start a fire, make a cup of coffee, and sink into the seat by my altar. 

No agenda. Listening to what is ready to be heard. These precious morning moments, when we’re alone with our Souls. 

Recording my dreams from the night with pen and paper. Stream of consciousness without the analytical brain on quite yet. 

What is the feeling from last night’s journeys to the stars? I want to be “right.” I want to be seen and accepted as I am. 

Release all fears surrounding approval and validation. Gift it back to the light of consciousness.

Where does this fear of “not fitting in” originate? Possibly early school years, relationships with friends, parental guidance. 

Regardless, what is right for me may not be right for others, and that is more than ok. 

We cannot live life trying to fit into the constraints of another. Life is about growing into who we are becoming. The Soul already knows. The acorn will not grow to be a maple tree. We are evolving each day, and if we listen to the Soul, we will not be led astray. 



Dr. Edward Bach, flower essence master, writes about parenthood in his book Heal Thyself

“Fundamentally, the office of parenthood is to be the privileged means (and, indeed, it should be considered as divinely privileged) of enabling a soul to contact this world for the sake of evolution. The whole attitude of parents should be to give the little newcomer all the spiritual, mental and physical guidance to the utmost of their ability, ever remembering that the wee one is an individual soul come down to gain (its) own experience and knowledge in (its) own way according to the dictates of (its) HIgher Self, and every possible freedom should be given for unhampered development. The office of parenthood is divine service…”

Now, I do not believe Dr. Edward Bach had children, and neither do I, but I have been raised by parents who followed a similar theory (whether or not they knew of Bach), and as a result, I have felt divinely supported by them while still maintaining a connection to my Soul and God’s plan. For this freedom, I thank my parents, and my Soul for choosing them.

The ego wants to be loved and validated for its actions and words. Doesn’t it feel so good when someone validates us? Of course! 

When someone is upset with us, disappointed in our actions, angry with our choices, that can feel terrible. 

Can we remain equanimous to both approval and disapproval? This is the true practice. 

When we’re in line with our heart, there is very little room for the voice of another to sway us. Speak from your heart, learn what you need to fulfill your destiny, and trust yourself. Now, this can be hard for others to digest especially when your way is not fitting with their perceived plan. Allow others to have their feelings but do not take them on as your own. Discernment is key here. 

Each day I intentionally release all that is not mine and gift it back to source because otherwise I walk around like a confused emotional zombie carrying other people’s muck. It was NEVER yours to carry. And, if it was keeping you safe in the past, so be it. The past is over. Start anew. 

Who are you without those old beliefs and patterns? 

Now, this does not mean ignoring other people’s feelings when they are expressing them. It is your choice when to listen and when to set a boundary. This dance is not always easy, but the more clear you are in your “YES” and your “NO,” the more easeful it will be. 

When you are given the gift of another person who get this, who sees you, who loves you as you are, fully accepting you, receive them whole-heartedly. Our bodies don’t last forever, yet love never dies. Enjoy this union with another soul. When you can love and accept yourself fully, it’s a hell of a lot easier to do this for others.

Lay the groundwork inside yourself. And let the beauty of another meet you in the Garden of Eden. (The real one – not the patriarchal story of Adam & Eve). This is where the true magic happens.


I have never felt like I “fit in” with others. Does anyone, really? Think back to grade school. Trying so hard to be liked, not to be bullied, wearing the right clothes and hair styles. I did some pretty nasty things to fit in back then. I’m not proud of them. And, I forgive myself. We’re always, always, always, DOING OUR BEST. 

IMG_1705Remember this one: WE’RE ALWAYS DOING OUR BEST. 

Breathe in that statement fully. Say it again and again. 

Release all that judgment constraining your heart. 

Let go of your ideas about who you think you are.

Soften the muscles around your belly. 

Release your jaw.

Exhale, with sound, the pressure you put on yourself 

And others.


How you doin’? 

Check in. Write. Breathe normally.


Now, breathe into this: I AM ENOUGH. I TRUST MYSELF. 


Feeling fear? Questioning the accuracy of this statement? Grieving all those times you did not trust yourself or feel you are enough? 

Allow whatever is arising to be, observing the emotional body.

Imagine a brilliant yellow-white light pouring into your crown and all the way down to your feet. Feel the connection between earth and sky. You are a child of Spirit / God / etc. 


Pausing here. Notice what’s going on around you, outside, in nature. 

Get present. 

Here, the sun is rising and the trees in the south are lit up like they’re on fire. Pink flames illuminating their grandeur. Wind comes.The pink light dissipates. Now it’s back again in full flames.

Life is far too short to be living someone else’s dreams, mi amor. 

It is never too late to change. 

Free yourself of those shackles. Nobody else can do it for you. Call on your guides for assistance. They’re always watching over waiting to be of service. 


Who are YOU, really? Tell me, what is your heart saying as it beats freely in each moment?


I am Love.

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