Waking Up from a Long Winter

DSCN6437The magic wings of spring are upon us. Nettles are popping up, Japanese knotweed shoots are covering the riversides, and bright red rhubarb is bursting through the topsoil. The Earth is waking up and so are we!

Yesterday my apprentice and I ventured out to a serene valley in the woods where the ramps (wild onions) grow. Basket and trowels in hand, we walked with excitement anticipating what we might find. As soon as we reached the lush green valley of ramps, we spotted a large piece of chaga mushroom growing near the base of a yellow birch. What a gift for our fist foraging foray together!

DSCN6441After setting intentions to harvest only what we need, we quietly dug the fragile, yet stubborn roots. The trickling creek beside us, woodpeckers in the treetops, and soft sunlight kissing our faces, it was a moment to remember forever. I feel blessed to be nourished on so many levels by Mother Nature.

There are many new exciting changes for the business and myself. I am collaborating with another young farmer who is starting Full Kettle Farm, where we are growing medicinal herbs for tea in Sunderland. Today we transplanted nettles and chocolate mint into rich Pioneer Valley soil.

DSCN4924I will also be selling herbal teas, tinctures, salves, creams, and elixirs every other week at the Tuesday Market in Northampton starting May 5. Come visit me and check out the abundance our local farmers and producers provide for our community!

Cheers to a healthy happy growing season ahead!

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