Rooting into the Earth, Reaching for the Sky

hannah yoga on beachMy spiritual practice for the past few weeks has been about bringing awareness to my root chakra. When I am engaging in conversation, where is my root? When I am making dinner, where is my root? When I am responding to emails, where is my root? When the ground thaws and I am sowing seeds, where is my root?

This question brings me back to my center, or my Hara, in the language of Shiatsu, a Japanese modality of acupressure, which I am learning. Bringing awareness to my Hara while rooting down into the earth and reaching my crown up toward the sky invites infinite connection to Source. My power lies in this connection.

If I am aligned within myself, I align with a power greater than I can imagine. Amazing shifts and manifestations begin to happen, sometimes subtle, sometime groundbreaking.

What happens when I live my life from the awareness within my root chakra?

Try it out, right now. Root down through the tailbone and reach up through the crown. Allow energy to flow freely from the sky to the earth and from the earth to the sky. You are part of this natural flow of energy. You can access this place anytime.tall tree

Take a few deep breaths and imagine where that energy meets. Is it in your belly… your Hara…your center… where all life begins?

What seeds are you germinating this spring?

What else can you let go of and gift back to the earth before reaching for new growth.

Imagine you are like a tree in the forest. As the ground thaws, water fills your roots as they spread further into the moist, fertile soil. Now draw that sustenance upward toward the sky, budding out as you reach for the light. Maintain this balance and flow of energy as spring arrives.

What happens if too much energy is shooting upward with not enough rootedness?

The tree could topple over. I encourage you to find balance as spring stirs beneath our feet and we welcome warmer air to fill our lungs. What do you need to find more balance? Where is your root? How much more ease and grace can you carry through this transition from winter to spring?

In Shiatsu and Chinese Herbal Medicine, we adopt the Five Element Theory. There is always “Earth Time” before beginning a new element. Winter is Water and Spring is Wood.

What information does Earth have for you before making this transition to Wood?

FiveElementsModified1Blessings on your transition to spring- may it be sweet like the sap from the trees and sustain whatever new growth you are calling into you life!

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