Upgrading Mind, Body, and Computer

I have been to the west coast and back since my last post. Now I am wondering how I can begin to share the beauty with all of you. Our Earth never ceases to amaze. I enjoy capturing the beauty with my camera, as you know.

Unfortunately my seven-year old iBook G4 no longer can handle the file sizes, data, or web browser updates. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my computer other than being outdated, what an incredible tool! Yet, the ever-progressing technology industry has forced me to lay my old friend to rest. So, this is the last time I’ll be writing from the iBook. From now on, I’ll be able to post more often and more efficiently with the help of my new friend MacBook Pro.

I made the switch not only because of what I explained above, but also because I realized I was blogging and photo editing less frequently. As an artist, it is important to have the right tools to support one’s creativity. With the updated technology, I plan to expand my photo exhibition digitally and promote holistic living techniques on my blog more often. Thank you for all of your support and positive feedback.

Ready for a trip to the Pacific coast through my lens? I’ll take you there with me by May 1st!

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