The Spring Equinox brings a Fresh Start

Spring is here in full force! Even though it was a mild winter, I am proud to say I made it through a full one and actually found much pleasure in slowing down. The transition from winter to spring has been so fast! My last blog post had photos of snow covered landscapes and this post is already in full bloom flower mode. Gotta love greenhouses.

The 70 degree days feel more like summer. My clothes are drying on the line outside, I went for a bike ride in a t-shirt, and now I’m lying in the sun with a bathing suit.

This is unlike any March I have ever experienced in the Northeast. No complaints here. I’ll save the worries of increased tick and mosquito pressure for another day. We have to enjoy the positive sides of global warming, right?

The bulb show at Smith College greenhouses is one of the best ways to welcome spring.

Outside my door the crocuses and snowdrops are flowering. The daffodils and hyacinth are not far behind.

Sadly, I will be leaving the Northeast spring beauty behind for a month to travel. Fortunately, it will be spring everywhere I go along the Pacific coast from Southern California all the way up to Seattle, Washington. I leave this week to be a bridesmaid in a childhood friend’s wedding.

As my journey unfolds, farming will not be my main focus this season. Growing and eating good food will always be a top priority in my life. But, I am entering a new phase that involves self care, spiritual awakening, and building solid human relationships based in love.

Of course integrating all of this with farming is something I look forward to doing in the future. Taking this next season off from working full time on a farm is exciting, but I know I will miss having such a close connection with food. You’ll see…I won’t be able to keep myself away from plants and animals too long. I already found myself bottle-feeding a baby goat last weekend at Rawson Brook Farm, then caring for my hens that I gave to some friends in Greenfield.

Farming is in my blood for good. Now, I will allow myself to explore other avenues.


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3 responses to “The Spring Equinox brings a Fresh Start

  1. Hannah,

    Thanks for the new post. Love, Dad

  2. Good luck to you! Have a wonderful journey on the West coast! I look forward to reading about your adventures…

  3. Linda Sarage

    Hannah, I am loving this site and loving your energy and commitment to a more just, more authentic world and self. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photography and your deep reflections. I hope to meet you someday when you are back in the area. My son is visiting this year. He and his family live in Bolivia. An evening of fresh food and shared stories would be welcomed. Go in peace.

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