Carried out to Sea

The last day of February brings snow to my hometown. We haven’t had more than half an inch of the white precipitation for the entire month. February generally receives a foot on average. What an influx of whacky erratic weather we’ve experienced while wrapping up 2011 and entering 2012. I only wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us this year?

Two months down and what a wild year it has already been so far! The rate at which the world is changing seems to be speeding up each day. Whichever arena you look at: social, political, environmental…rapid movement is all around us. And if you have a smart phone or laptop, all of this information coming at us is right at our fingertips.

With all that’s happening ‘out there,’ there is even more happening ‘in here,’ where my personal transformation is taking place. Without consciously deciding to, I have filled my days with what most people do to de-stress, relax, or only do on vacation/weekends. I sleep in, eat a hearty healthy breakfast, read the paper, go for long walks in the woods, meditate, practice yoga, take hot baths, cook and spend time with friends. What a gift this all is, and what an even greater gift to be able to give it to myself simply because I’m worth it.

I’m getting used to this delicate balance between busy full moments and quiet peaceful reflection. I have surrendered myself to something quite strong, the Source I suppose. Every time I try to pull myself back out into the modern fast paced world that we all know too well, I get reeled back into the depths of my new journey. 

Surrendering is difficult when there is so much going on out there! Maybe it’s all a distraction and my current reality is this new place I am entering. It’s where I feel completely at home some days, and totally afraid other days.

Fortunately, the fear is lessening and this past month has been more magical than ever before. The less I worry about doing the right thing, being a productive member of society, or getting a ‘real’ job, the more open my heart becomes. The more open the heart, the more positive reassurance that I’m on the right path.

As a friend told me last week, it’s like a when a wave crashes into the shore and all the little dips in the sand and crevices in the rocks get filled by the water. That water slowly soaks down into the Earth, returning to the ocean. I may be relishing in this wave a lot longer than anticipated. In fact, I believe I’ve been carried out to sea where there is a limitless field of potential surrounding my body.

Wish me luck!

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