When you’re feeling blue…make butter!

DSCN6052These long dark cold days and nights are true tests for my inner strength. The holidays are over, so what is there to look forward to anymore? We have a long stretch between now and when the ground thaws for planting. April feels really far away. How do I keep my spirits alive this time of year?

Make butter! My sweetie and I drove to Sidehill Farm in Hawley, MA and picked up a gallon of raw cream from their amazing farm stand. There was beef and pork in the chest freezers, fresh eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, and granola for sale. It’s a wonderful place to go when you feel like there’s no fresh local food available in the winter. Sidehill Farm gave us hope!buttery kiss

I sat back and relaxed with earplugs while C followed this really simple recipe involving only one tool: a food processor. Within minutes he made butter! My job came once his was finished…making ghee. I followed this easy recipe and next time I’ll make what’s known as “medicinal ghee” where herbs and spices can be added such as sage, ashwagandha, or cinnamon.

Things are looking up this winter- and our freezer is full of butter to prove it!

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