Sweet Snowy Solstice

baked brieThis is one of my favorite times of year because it means slowing down and staying in to bake and cook. All the pressures to do a million things suddenly disappear. The winter is meant to be full of long cozy nights reading books, watching movies, and spending time with loved ones. As long as I get a solid hour or two romping in the snowy woods or skiing on snow mobile trails, it’s easy to accept that the rest of the day is for exploring indoor projects like knitting and writing.

This is the time to dive into those books everyone talks about all year long, but as a lover of the outdoors, I don’t make the time to read when the sun is shining for 15 hours a day. I like Barbara Kingsolver’s newest book, Flight Behavior.

cheesecake Every time a feeling of guilt for not doing enough rears its head, I say, “Thanks for trying to keep me motivated, but now it is time to rest.” There are nine other months out of the year where the Earth is calling for productivity. Look what the plants and animals are doing now. They are reaping the benefits of a successful season and living off of stored energy. I think I will, too.

turkeyTo me, the winter is for eating more dense warming foods like stews, roots, sweets, and squash with cinnamon and butter. I have been thoroughly enjoying roasting whole chickens stuffed with sausage cornbread stuffing. Once the meat is eaten, there are the bones to make stock with by simmering in water and adding vegetables. Pumpkin coconut pies are also good to have around for breakfast or dessert!

pumpkin pieCreativity takes the lead in the winter especially in the kitchen. I never write down recipes when I cook. Instead, I look for inspiration on other people’s food blogs such as this one, Glutton For Life.

What winter activities bring you joy? Share them here on my blog to give us inspiration on those really cold days when we stare out the window like a cat, waiting for the rain or snow to stop. “Don’t worry,” I tell the cats (and myself), “the days are about to begin to grow longer. Summer will return, I promise.”

Enjoy these long nights to rest, reflect, and indulge in the sweetness of life…or cheesecake!

Have a cozy Winter Solstice!

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  1. diane.gahres@aol.com

    Hannah. Thanks for sending me your posts. I was telling my grandaughter about your writings so she can enjoy them also. Diane.

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