Letting Go like the Leaves

fire leaves Orange Leaves Falling in Autumn Breeze

Remind us to let go

the pathCan we make the transition as elegantly as the seasons?

What do we want to pack up and carry with us all winter?

What can we leave behind for the Earth to recycle?

Big questions to ponder on those late nights canning applesauce…

applesauceRed, Yellow, Orange, Brown

Golden Light dancing on our windowsills

sea of foliage

Frost or dew? Both will dissipate as the morning sun heats up the cooling Earth

frosty leavesCan you hear the Raven cawing?

Can you smell the garlic roasting with the roots?

Can you see the spiders weaving their webs?


Can you taste the mulling cider?

Can you touch the awe of Autumn in New England?

photo by Leah Rose

                                                                                                                         photo by Leah Rose


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3 responses to “Letting Go like the Leaves

  1. christina polizzo

    Beautiful…thank you!!!! Great questions to ask myself while watching how effortless change happens and is accepted by nature…a great teacher.

  2. Yes! After taking the cores out, keep the skin on and cook them down, then put the sauce through a food mill which removes the skins. It keep the sauce pink.

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