What does farming for justice mean?

Farming for justice is what I plan to do post-college. For me, farming is the solution to so many of the problems in the world. Farming is my way of acting in response to the exploitative industrial food complex. In response to global warming we can grow diverse vegetables and fruit together. In response to hunger we can cultivate healthy calories to nourish our bodies. In response to poverty we can sell or trade excess produce for other materials we need. In response to obesity we can strengthen our bodies physically by digging in the dirt. In response to boredom in our jobs, school, homes, relationships, we can get outside and participate in this revolutionary act of cultivating plants. 

Who is the “we?” 

We means all and any of us who want to join this movement to create another world where People and the Earth take care of each other. It is all inclusive assuming we all want to live on this land and have seven generations from now living on this land.


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3 responses to “What does farming for justice mean?

  1. Hi, good post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for writing. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your blog.

  2. Patrick

    Fantastic! I’m in! What a wonderful description of farming as integrative cultural healing!

    love ~ Patrick

  3. Gary Peterson

    Susan pointed out your website to me. My wife and I were interns when Blackberry was in her first year of production; great to see her picture and that she is still at it–takes after her mom. Wonder if Julia is still there? Don’t remember names of the goat who can along that year, but I had great times leading them through the fields. Can’t be many from either of those cohorts still around the farm.

    Thanks for providing a thoughtful view of the farm and putting it a larger societal context. Maybe we’ll make the Christmas party this year.

    Gary Peterson

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