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The Inchworm and I

My travel partner and I took a much-needed break from driving and happened upon the Women’s Grove of Redwood National Park. I stood beneath an enormous tree as the sun went down, illuminating the forest of ferns like a stage set. Staring up in awe at this giant towering over 250 feet tall, I asked for a bit of wisdom to take with me for the rest of the journey.

“Oh, mighty old tree, how can I stand so tall and rooted like you?”

My eyes remained shut for a few minutes. When I opened them, my gaze fell upon a small leaf on the ground by my feet. An inchworm carefully lifted its head to feel out where to place its feet next. Moving slowly and cautiously, this tiny creature made its way closer and closer to the redwood in front of us. There we were, together, approaching the tree.

I had traveled thousands of miles by plane and car to ask the wise old tree my question. How far had this inchworm traveled? And was it there to ask the same question as me? That evening, the redwood tree taught us both that no matter your size, strength, or speed, we all have a purpose in the world.

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