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The Team at Starseed

completing HH togetherIt is hard to comprehend how much has happened in only month since moving to Starseed. Scrolling through my photos to review some of the highlights makes me wonder how I came to where I am with all these wonderful people. This is it, folks-living proof that we are completely capable of manifesting our dreams.

seedling in cold frameThe team at Starseed is co-creating a new world together based on love and community. We are guided by the wisdom of Nature’s intelligence. We come with pitchforks and wheelbarrows full of compost. We demand respect for all people, plants, and animals. We are gaining momentum as we learn life skills such as foraging for wild edibles, building a hoop house, inoculating logs with shiitake mushrooms, and sowing vegetable and herb seeds, which will nourish our bodies.

sowing peasWe share the common passion for delicious locally produced food prepared with care. Wood fired pizza is always welcome after working outside all day.

pizza oven

On brush burning days we take it to a whole other level and get really creative: skillet butter fried ramps (wild onions), grilled veggies, and baked potatoes.

fire cookinThe team at Starseed is highly capable, hard working, creative, generous, curious, hilarious, humble, ambitious, grounded, and knowledgeable. We all offer unique gifts and talents.

allie fiddlehead goddess
Allie is the Queen Cooking Bee. She’ll whip something up out of nothing and she sure knows how to put that Vitamix to good use.

blake hara breathing kindling

Blake is the Sorcerer of Breath-Work. No matter how much resistance you bring to morning meeting, he’ll calm your mind and prepare you for a gratitude circle after three deep exhales accompanied by horse lips.

jo builderJoseph is the Master Builder. Before you can say, “Please, pass me the drill,” he already has constructed a new structure for the farm.

lucy logsLucy is the Project Confidant. She approaches even the most daunting tasks with a calm attitude that brings me back down to Earth from my overwhelmed state after reviewing my ever-growing “To Do” list.

aravindas quicheAravinda is the Clairvoyant Visionary. She grew up on the land with her Mother, Satyena, and two sisters.

Satyena is the Matriarch of Starseed. She purchased the land 26 years ago with the intention of creating a healing sanctuary. Satyena embodies what it means to lead with an open heart.satyena

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