10 Guidelines for a Balanced Approach to Life & Career

IMG_3120I attended a wonderful class with herbalist, Brittany Wood Nickerson yesterday afternoon. She shared her stories and key insights into running an herbal practice for the past 10 years.

It was one of those experiences that showed up at the perfect time. Brittany offered messages I need to hear in regard to where I am currently standing as I begin my fourth year in business. Her gentle, yet to the point wisdom, and honest reflections as an herbalist inspire me to not only become a better businesswoman, but also a more balanced human being.

At the very beginning of the class Brittany said, “Trust when you take care of your own needs, your business will unfold.”

Read that line again.

This is so contradictory to our fast paced, capitalist society that constantly screams, “The harder you work, the faster you will succeed! There is no time to rest.”

I would much rather embrace Brittany’s wisdom and trust that my needs will be met if I prioritize self care by setting up my days to work for me. Part of why I love being self employed is that I can structure my time with enough space to walk the dog, sleep in late, spend time with family and friends, take spontaneous trips to beautiful places, and give my relationships the attention they deserve. When I set up my business taking into consideration my health and stability, I am much happier.

Imagine that! Makes sense, right?

These are the lessons I have to learn over and over again- the beauty of being a human who sometimes forgets what really matters. Thanks, Brittany, for reminding me about these important pieces of running a business. I think they apply to many aspects of living on this Earth at this time, not only if you are self-employed.

dsc0004510 Guidelines for a Balanced Approach to Life & Career

wisdom from Brittany Wood Nickerson of Thyme Herbal

1) Connect with mentors you trust.

2) If you feel resistance, take it as an opportunity to look deeper into yourself. What is the red flag telling you?

3) Refine what you love to. What are your strengths?

4) Always go back to what really makes you happy. Don’t let these slip away, and if they do, come back to them.

5) Let go of attachment to outcome.

6) Take risks and the universe will send clear messages along the way to support you.

7) Live in the abundance mindset. Let go of fears about scarcity.

8) Market yourself, nobody else can offer your unique gifts.

9) Saying “No” often means you are creating space to say “Yes” to something else you may not even be aware of yet. (I’m still learning this one, but it does get a bit easier with practice).

10) Ask yourself in regard to decisions: “Does it make my heart ping or thud?” Listen to your body, it does not lie.

IMG_4266This spring, I am taking these 10 guidelines into my heart and planting them like seeds in the garden. I look forward to seeing what grows from this wisdom!

In Balance,


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