We can help this troubled world

“We all have the inborn wisdom to create a wholesome, uplifted existence for ourselves and others. We can think beyond this troubled world. Not only will our friends and families benefit, but even our “enemies” will reap the blessings of peace. If these teachings make sense to us, can we commit to them? In these times, do we really have a choice? Do we have the option of living in unconscious self-absorption? When the stakes are so high, do we have the luxury of dragging our feet?”

– Pema Chödrön


In a moment when it seems the very worst possible thing could happen, and it does, I turn to the water. The water has wisdom no person can fathom to understand. I bow my head to the mystery beneath the surface.

The power and strength of water can pull us under its current, and it can also burst through blockages, releasing patterns of withholding the truth.

That very same power and strength is inside each of us.

dsc00055I turn to the water to remind me which dams are ready to be blown through, revealing that nothing, absolutely nothing is stronger than my capacity to love.

Let your love flow today as strong as the deep dark waters.

dsc00098I am sending big prayers to the earth and water protectors of this great continent. I stand in circle singing, sounding, breathing, and praying with women today. Bound to a lineage of love, compassion, peace, forgiveness, and And every day. I feel blessed to be part of a vibrant, awake, nurturing, and fiercely loving community I call home.

dsc00096Let the sacred waters wash away all fears, doubts, and deceptions- giving rise to the truth that resides deep within every cell of our bodies. Do not fear what’s beneath the surface. Bring light to it. Breathe it into life. Scream it into life. Name it. It’s your God-give right to speak. Don’t fall back to sleep. Because the sun, it always rises again. And the moon, it always waxes and wanes. And the children of the Earth dance barefoot in the damp grass kissed by the delicate dew of the morning.

frame-04-11-2016-02-04-04-copyBlessed be. Aho.

For resources on how to support Standing Rock #NoDAPL click here.

*All photos were taken by Kristen Avonti

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