Making a Stand for what You Believe In

“Make a stand for what you believe in and do what feels right in spite of any judgment or disapproval from others.”

– Blue Heron power animal card by Steven Farmer


Three years ago I sat in this same chair at the same café with my herbalism teacher, Chris Marano of Clearpath Herbals. I asked him if I could be his apprentice. I told him I wanted to be an herbalist some day. He informed me that self-employment is laying down your own tracks, but it is extremely rewarding.

“There is no path blazed in front of you to follow,” he said. “Sometimes it will be extremely lucrative, and other times you may be struggling to pay the bills.”

“But your heart, “he said, “your heart will be happy. Your soul will sing. If you are meant to follow this path of herbal medicine, and you throw your heart and soul into the dream, you will be unstoppable. Nothing will get in your way. The Universe will provide exactly what you need to keep going. Do not waver. Pick yourself up when you fall. Trust.”

“I’m ready,” I said. “When we can start?”

One year ago I started my own business, Sweet Birch Herbals. Two days ago I left my part-time job and declared 100% self-employment. I have never been happier in my life. To be of service by facilitating healing with herbs and wellness consulting is truly the most rewarding profession I’ve ever had. My mind continues to be blown away by the power of healing with plants.

When I look at the shelves in my new apothecary loaded with teas, tinctures, and oils, I am filled with gratitude. Although I don’t like hierarchies, my true “bosses” are the hundreds of plants. They want to help people. They want to be acknowledged by humans for their incredible healing capabilities. What a true gift it is to work with them and for them. And, how grateful I am to be delivering herbal products grown and made with so much love to my community.


Thank you for believing in me! Thank you to those close friends and family who supported me in countless ways every day. You all keep me going!

Guess what?! An enormous Great Blue Heron just flew in front of the window of the café where I’m writing. What a blessing!

How are you making a stand for what you believe in?

Tell me, I want to know!

So much love to you all,



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2 responses to “Making a Stand for what You Believe In

  1. Holli

    I love the photo of your apothecary. Just love it.

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