What kind of impact do you want to have on others?

DSCN2905Someone recently asked me, what kind of impact do you want to have on your clients?

I thought of a specific woman who came to see more for support losing weight so she can feel more energized and balanced in her body.

My response to this illuminating question:

She feels heard. She remembers that she can always call upon her own inner wisdom for the answers. She feels more in her body, connected to herself, aligned with purpose. She feels hopeful about the future and all that she wants to manifest in her beautiful life. She goes home and shares her experience of our session with her beloveds.

She journals about her dreams so they can gestate like seeds beneath the soil. She lights a candle, burns some sage, inhales, exhales, and completely sets herself free.

She cooks nourishing whole foods to honor every cell and molecule in her body. She remembers how it feels to be part of something larger.

She feels lighter with each tear as she grieves for the suffering of the past. She remembers her deep calling that connects her to work, community, and self. She commits to begin again with less self-judgment and criticism.

She pours a hot cup of tea and sighs with relief.

This storm has passed, as they always do. She anticipates the package from Sweet Birch Herbals that contains her Constitutional Formula and Wellness Protocol. Every time she takes her herbs, she is honoring her precious self.

Imagine what is possible when she invites self-love and acceptance to flow effortlessly into every action?

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