What is Life Coaching?

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During a life coaching session, I will listen deeply to you and ask dynamic questions. I may offer ideas and suggestions that invite new ways of being that connect you more to your own inner wisdom. We will explore how to best apply your skills and unique gifts to your work. My intention is to create a non-judgmental space for you to explore your own truth. I believe we all know deep down somewhere what we really want, but may not have the right tools and resources available to accomplish our goals. Through a series of exercises and thought-provoking questions, you and I will set up an action plan to move your life forward. I will hold you accountable for claiming the life you truly desire. We all have a purpose. We all deserve to be happy. It is my goal as a life coach to facilitate experiences that will move you toward personal empowerment, holistic health, financial freedom, and anything else you are ready to attain!

For a free 15 minute consultation, go to www.sweetbirchherbals.com or contact me directly with dates & times you are available: sweetbirchherbals@gmail.com.


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2 responses to “What is Life Coaching?

  1. diane.gahres@aol.com

    This is wonderful, Hannah. Love, Diane.

  2. Thank you, Diane. Hope to connect soon! Have a great Holiday.

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