Full Moon Flower Power


I know it’s June when flowers are getting incorporated into my daily meals. Dandelion fritters were one of the items at our feast at the Acorn Kitchen Wild Foods CSA Workshop. Allie battered and fried dandelion flowers freshly picked during the edible plant walk. A dollop of violet crème fresh on top made these fritters divine!

DSCN5037DSCN5045 Cattails are an early spring shoot found in marshes that can be added to stir-fries. Getting to be knee deep in a swamp is not everyone’s idea of a fun foraging adventure, but it was worth it to provide our community with locally foraged goods. Cattails look like leeks, but they are sweet and bland, absorbing spices really well.

DSCN5026The beauty of foraging is you never know what you might find- like these King Stopharia mushrooms. I sautéed them in ramp butter along side eggs for breakfast.

DSCN5070 The Late May CSA share contained Japanese knotweed chutney, wild greens dressing, vital greens tea, white pine vinegar, and a salad blend. We sure got our dose of sour and bitter tastes for the springtime under our belts. Happy Livers = Happy Summer!


A super simple recipe for Wild Rose Honey to sweeten us from the inside out:

DSCN5102Fill an 8oz jar with loosely packed Rosa multiflora

Cover the flowers with local honey

Let sit for at least 2 weeks

Strain by warming (not cooking, you want to keep the honey raw) through a cheese-cloth

A spoonful of Wild Rose Honey eases the mind and warms the heart.

Rosa multiflora is a heart tonic, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, helps promote beneficial bacteria, relieves pelvic and liver congestion, and clears excess heat in the digestive system.

DSCN5098Rosa multiflora is currently in flower and grows abundantly along bike paths and field edges…the sweet scent will draw you near.

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June 13, 2014 · 12:08 am

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