Juicy Sunshine


There is no better sign of spring than a honeybee buzzing over to check out my fresh squeezed juice! Yes! Spring is here! Take that nasty cold I’m SO OVER YOU WINTER! Spring cannot be stopped- it is inevitable. The birds can confirm that if you don’t believe me.

Alas, this past week was utterly ruthless. I thought spring might never come. Winter felt permanent like the deep aches in my bones and muscles as I contracted a virus that knocked me so hard off my feet I almost lost hope. My body fought this unwanted trickster even when my mind thought it was time to surrender. That silly mind of mine created stories like:

“What kind of healer are you if you are so sick?”

“You think you are stronger than this virus?”

“Maybe you should wash your hands more like they say.”

“There must have been some way to prevent this. “

“How are you going to do your work to heal others if you can’t get out of bed?”

“It’s hopeless. You might be sick like this forever.”

“If it’s not gone by tomorrow, you should take antibiotics.”

“Are you even sick, or are you just enjoying other people taking care of you?”

Oh, the thoughts go on…but I’ll stop there.


After 5 days of battling with my mind, I made a decision to focus on what was actually positive. Benign reality:

“I am loved and cared for by friends and family.”

“At least I don’t have a stomach bug.”

“It’s so cold and dreary out, this is a perfect time to be sick.”

“This is all part of my pre-spring cleanse.”

“What a good opportunity to rest deeply before the spring comes.”

“My work engagements are very understanding.”

“Disney movies comfort and make me laugh.”

“I am even stronger than I think I am.”

These positive thoughts, along with lots of rest, fluids, herbs, and good company have given me the strength to recover and I am back on the wagon again!



4 celery stalks

2 apples

1 orange

¼ lemon

5 kale stems

1 beet

5 carrots

bunch of parsley

1 inch of gingerpouring




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6 responses to “Juicy Sunshine

  1. Christina

    Glad you are back in action! xo

  2. Glynis Marsh

    I relate to what you experienced while sick. I once had a really nasty flu and the worst part was the completely hopeless, negative state of mind I seem to have entered. Everything felt dismal and dark to me. I have come to believe that this mind set is part of the dis-ease of having the flu. The only way I was able to extricate myself was to make positive affirmations and say them over and over to myself and not let myself think another negative thing. I have fortunately never had another such experience as that and that was 25 years ago! Your juices look so yummy and good too.

    • Wisdom Within Coaching

      I’m so glad you can relate and that is has been 25 years since you’ve had the flu! I hope it’s at least 25 for me. Happy Cheesemaking dear, Glynis!

  3. Dear Hannah-Thank you so much for sharing your life, thoughts and challenges with us. (Friend of your mom)Diane.

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