Making My Own Tracks

ImageDespite the seed catalogues arriving in the mail and making plans for the spring, we are loaded with over a foot of snow here in New England. The frosty forest calls me out from my slumber. The afternoon temperatures teasingly rise above freezing.

ImageDoes today call for a snowshoe or x-country ski adventure?  I have learned that blazing my own trail in 18 inches of snow is awfully tiring. Why did I do this? Why not follow the compacted snow mobile trail? I tend to search for freedom and new experiences when sometimes staying in the tracks is much more enjoyable. It is the seeker within that takes me on life changing adventures, while also asking, “Does it have to be so hard?”

Winter is tough on the body, but also the mind. As I grudgingly dragged one foot in front of the other with snow up to my knees, I thought, “If I were a deer, I would be dead by now.” Coyotes fare well in snowy winters because their prey can’t run as fast in deep snow.Image

ImageFortunately, I did not have any predators chasing me, so I took the message as another one of winter’s ways telling me to slow down. Surrounding me were stunning views of branches weighed down by snow and clouds begging to be painted. For a brief moment, my rambling mind came to halt. I even forgot about the frustrating situation I got myself in to.

When I was ready to continue my journey with more acceptance, my right snowshoe landed on the left and I lost balance. With no choice but to give into gravity, I toppled over. The tree line was horizontal in my vision and my pride forbid me from laughing. Frustration and anger replaced that brief moment of inner peace.

I  let out a roaring scream. The kind that originates low in the belly becoming high pitched toward the end. Snow melting down my back and breathing heavily, I made my way toward the nearest trail. What a relief to be back on solid ground! Sometimes I have to get off track in order to really appreciate what I already have. And, thanks to the Plant World for Arnica!Image

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  1. Christina

    I love reading about your adventures and experiences. You inspire me.xo

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