New Moon brings New Dwellings

yurt teamToday the New Moon brought several new structures to Starseed. A 20-foot yurt arrived from Two Girls Farm in NH and we set it up in about four hours. The round space made from local saplings and hand-sewn fabric will be where we offer yoga, meditation, council meetings, and celebrations.

laticespaceshipthe roofalmost doneBlake led us in a much needed yoga class and Satyena facilitated a smudging ceremony to welcome the yurt to the land. As she played the Tibetan singing bowl, a big black bear appeared on the site, probably feeding on the ripening wild blueberries.

team effortAfter a rich breakfast of biscuits (leftover from strawberry shortcake), gravy, eggs, and strawberry smoothies, we headed over to our newly acquired beehive. Jo and Blake opened the hive to remove excess wax so it doesn’t seal up completely. Now, I have some beeswax to make a comfrey, calendula, plantain salve. A few feet from the hive, I have never been so close to so many bees. None of us were stung and we spent the rest of the day humming to honor the honeybees.

hive checkMid-day Jo and Aravinda met with lawyers to close on the house they are purchasing across the street from Starseed. A beautifully constructed home filled with love… another new structure at Starseed. We’re growing, rather quickly, and I’m confident everything will work out because each of us is living from our hearts with good intentions.

chamomile heartWe raised our glasses of champagne toasting in honor of all we’ve learned in the past, gratitude for the present, and excitement for a bright future! Cheers to new growth and opportunity by saying YES!

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  1. Nicole

    This is wonderful, Hannah. I so enjoy reading about your life. Diane.(friend of your mom).

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