Gentle Transition to Fall

Change is a constant in life. If I have any resistance to change, life gets hard. There has been much change since the middle of August when I last wrote.  I decided to extend my commitment to Kripalu for another six months. I changed departments so I will spend the winter working inside with a group of 10 amazing women instead of outside with mostly men. I moved to a new room, which I share with a dear friend. I stopped eating fresh leafy greens and now I load my plate with squash, potatoes, cooked kale and soups. I spend more time alone cultivating a practice that nourishes me to build up my reserves for winter.

On September 22, a friend and I attended an Autumnal Equinox celebration at Starseed Sanctuary, a healing center in Savoy, MA.  After dinner, several of us gathered in a small room called the Chapel.  We smudged ourselves with sage and lit candles. Each candle signified the changes we want to embrace in our lives in order to create a more sustainable future on this planet. A common theme was letting go of fear and doubt in order to welcome more hope and love into our lives.

After we each voiced our intentions to the circle, we walked with rhythmic rattles down to a pile of rocks in a field that were piled on the Spring Equinox last March. They signify the power of love we want to infuse in the birthing of a new world on the Winter Solstice December 21, 2012. A shaman placed a drop of Somali Rose Oil onto each rock that we held before placing it into the pile. The sweet smell of the oil penetrated our sense organs so deeply that a woman next to me shouted out in pleasure, “Ooohhwee! That’s love right there!”

We chanted inside this circle to send our prayers to the higher powers. As we walked back to the Chapel, I felt compelled to open my palms up as if I was to receive a gift. Immediately after taking this receptive position, raindrops delicately landed on my palms. By the time we reached our destination, the heavens opened up. We listened to the rain pummel the tin roof overhead. Our closing circle became silent because nobody could talk over the sound above us. The spirits answered our prayers and applauded us for setting such powerful intentions that evening. “Encore! Encore!” we yelled together.

The fall reaping has been bountiful. From the Kripalu vegetable garden I helped begin this summer, we harvested Asian greens, herbs, tomatoes, and beets for the kitchen. From the old apple orchard on the property, we gathered about 30 gallons of apples to press for cider. Even though I am not working on a farm this season, I still find ways to stay connected to the growing seasons.

May you have a gentle transition into fall.

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