Manifesting our Dreams

photo by John Trimarchi

The five of us piled into my station wagon with trays of heart shaped pizza and vegan, gluten free cookies. The air was stagnant and humid so I rolled up the windows and blasted the A/C for a bit of relief. After working a full day under the hot sun, I deserved to be comfortable for our 45-minute ride to rural northwestern Massachusetts.

Destination: a small healing center run by a woman in her 60’s with the help of her daughter and her daughter’s fiancé. Our dinner with these three lovely people was the beginning of what could be a very exciting project. They are looking for stewards of the land who share the dream of living in community while building a sustainable farm and sanctuary for deep healing and connection with the Earth. My friends and I are exploring the idea of joining with open hearts and calm minds.

After a delicious meal, we ironed out our intentions of coming together. We climbed the red-carpeted stairs up to the meditation room where we found back-jacks in a circle around a green unlit candle and four crystals. Each of us smudged ourselves in burning sage then sat upright for a deep meditation clearing the air for the next hour. I felt my body planted onto the ground with my heart rising. The universe has put me, yet again, exactly where I belong. Gratitude filled my entire being.

We each shared our heart’s desires, our visions, and why we value living in a community. Words sounded out of my mouth as if some greater force was speaking. My thoughts were clear, simple, and true. Everyone’s messages created one large cohesive vibration in the room. Although I sat still, the room was humming with excitement.

After each person spoke, I felt my cup getting more and more full. Will it spill over? What happens when we all connect on a greater level than deemed imaginable? It feels as if I have known this group forever even though I met the four friends I drove with three months ago and we only just met the others an hour earlier. We spoke the same language, breathed the same air, and shared the same vision.

After the meeting, we hugged and said goodnight. The laughter and smiles were contagious. I walked into the dark night with more hope for the future than ever before. Could this land be the place I am called to set down roots after my time at Kripalu? Anything is possible…

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  1. Margot Wise

    I love you, Hannah! You’re experiences are truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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