Seasonal Supper Celebrating Spring

Ever since the ground has thawed, I have been eating very, very well. I ate so many ramps that I don’t want to even look at them anymore. I even pickled them to enjoy in a few weeks or months. Their leaves are beginning to turn yellow as their season ends with the warmer weather. Now, we’re harvesting salad greens from the greenhouse, perennial herbs, asparagus and spinach galore.

To celebrate the longer days and a reminder that once again, plants will be growing everywhere, we had a spring wild edibles feast! The idea originated from Susan suggesting we make cheese soufflé with all the eggs we’re now getting from the chickens. Then, we added cowslip, or marsh marigold greens to the menu, invited some friends, and next thing we knew it was a multi-course seasonal supper.

To start, we nibbled on two cheeses (one goat and one cow) from Rubiner’s and red wine.

Then, I made a cream sauce, which was folded into egg whites and twenty minutes later cheese soufflé puffed over the sides of a small white dish.

Earlier that day Susan showed me where the abundant marsh marigolds claimed their territory. We picked their shiny heart-shaped leaves to steam and a few yellow flowers for a bouquet.

On my way down to help cook the meal, I stopped along the side of the cabin driveway to pick fiddleheads. The ostrich ferns have decided they love the same environment as the poison ivy, but I braved onward and took the risk. I’m not too allergic, and the leaves were tiny. But, I’ve heard this is when their oils are strongest so beware. The steamed fiddleheads with melted butter were worth the poison ivy danger, and I am not itching yet.

Ramps fried in butter and lemon juice were a must.

A large garden salad (about 20 different varieties of greens) with Glynis’ dressing is always perfect after a meal because it actually settles the stomach and makes me feel less full.

Our after dinner drink was a cold smoothie consisting of blueberries and strawberries I froze last summer, Gould Farm maple syrup, goat milk, ice, and lemon juice.

What could be better than fabulous, fresh, seasonal food combined with good company?

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