From the Road

I’ve been on the road for almost two weeks with Amy. We have woken up in new places every day watching sunrises in pure awe of how beautiful this world is. Our most commonly used words are, “What? Really? Is this really happening? No way!”

We spent our first night in Indiana, second in Oklahoma, and third in New Mexico. We’ve made it to Arizona soaking up the sun in Tucson and staying with friends at a seed saving farm near Sedona.

Camping in the mountains is lovely when the sun is out, but frigid at night. 14 hours of darkness makes for lots of sleeping and giggling in the tent. Days are spent hiking and exploring the wilderness.

Having the choice to do whatever wherever  every day is a special gift. I feel free and relaxed. A good place to be in the winter. Next adventures will be visiting the National Parks of southern Utah and California.


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2 responses to “From the Road

  1. Looks amazing. I’m jealous. Find out what the best beer is and take one home for me (DO NOT DO THIS BEFORE DRIVING!)

  2. grandma

    Hannah, my love – I am speechless. What a trip! What photos! This should be published! You are indeed a gift to this world!

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