blueberriesMy favorite time of summer has arrived.


There are 100 tall bush blueberries in front of the cabin where I reside. Thank you, Sellews!

They can be as large as grapes and sweeter than sugar. I have to make a pit stop there before going to work each morning and when I return.

They are just that good.

And you wonder why I don’t leave the farm very often, unless absolutely necessary.

Ah, heaven.

I grab my bucket, tie a cheesecloth around my body to attach it, then pick huge clumps with both hands. Oliver trots down to join in the festivities and show off his ability to climb just about anything. He loves the forest of blueberries almost as much as we do.

lots o' blueberries

Because we did not put netting over them this year, I was optimistic that Oliver would defend them viciously. I have not seen results until tonight. As I was eating dinner on the porch, I heard a strange ‘cluck cluck’ noise nearby. It wasn’t the sound a goat makes, so I became curious. I stood up and watched a large male turkey make his way to our prized fruit.

I wonder where Oliver is and if he has seen this show? Before I could finish this thought, there was my little boy silently following close behind the bird. Turkey stops suddenly. Turns his little head and spots the hunter. “Oh, crap I’m being followed!” screams the victim who may become dinner instead of eating a dinner of berries.

Turkey darts forward and then flies (with some grace, gotta give him credit) to the tall pines trees about 40 feet high. Poor Oliver can’t climb that high (though he may try). I sighed, “Well, that was a nice little show,” thinking it had ended. But, a few minutes later I heard the same ‘cluck cluck’ noise on the other side of the blueberries.

Ha, he’s back! And…he’s gone, flying away to the nearest tree to escape what I assume is my cat. So, my wish was granted. Oliver is defending the berries from not just little blue jays, but turkeys twice his size. Well done, Oliver.

Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

In early spring the blossoms smell very sweet and attract lots of bees.

Then, they fall off and a green berry begins to form like this one.

Bumble Bees Love the Blossoms

Bumble Bees Love the Blossoms

July is the month the berry grows and then ripens to pink, purple, and eventually blue. It’s easy to pick under ripe berries the first time since we’ve been waiting all year for them! Patience, patience.

Green Blueberries

Green Blueberries

Oliver in Motion

Oliver in Motion

Finally the end of July and early August blueberries are ready for pickin’!

bushes blue

Freezing and canning to savor all winter long.

Making Jam

Making Jam

Finished Product

Finished Product

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  1. Priscilla Hardy

    Great pictures and a great time making the jam with you! Hope we can do some more sometime soon. The vegetables were the best ever. Love this blog.


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